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•   Helen (Liz) Fidler  1/16
•   Beth Rutz (Priddy)  1/14
•   Terry Tyler  1/14
•   John Ellis  1/12
•   Rob Pickrell  1/8
•   Cathy Riddle (Craig)  1/7
•   Clarence Cox Jr  1/6
•   Bill Lewis  1/6
•   Bill Houltberg  1/1
•   Lisa Martin (Mays)  1/1
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2 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
3 live in California
2 live in Colorado
1 lives in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Illinois
2 live in Indiana
1 lives in Iowa
78 live in Kansas
1 lives in Kentucky
2 live in Maryland
9 live in Missouri
2 live in Nebraska
1 lives in New Hampshire
1 lives in New Jersey
1 lives in New Mexico
2 live in Ohio
4 live in Oklahoma
1 lives in Oregon
1 lives in Tennessee
7 live in Texas
2 live in Washington
1 lives in Belgium
1 lives in China
1 lives in Germany
1 lives in Indonesia
197 location unknown


•   Doug Miller  1/23
•   Daryl Fouard  1/26
•   Joane Brown (Schmitt)  1/28
•   Allene Hough (Eland)  1/28
•   Mitch Boaz  2/13
•   Karla Boder (Waller)  2/14
•   Melvin Williams  2/15


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 42.2%

A:   144   Joined
B:   197   Not Joined


The Message Forum is open for anything on your mind related to our class. This would be a good place for classmates to interact with each other and bounce around ideas for the next reunion.

If you have e-mail addresses for any of these classmates, you can invite them to the website using the e-mail invite tool on the right.
Missing Classmates


Abbott, David
Acklin, Yvonne
Alford, Joe
Allen (Manning), Colleen
Applehans (Mapes), Raelene
Armster, Cynthia
Baker, Dane
Ballou (Campbell), Anna
Baltazor, Donald
Bartell, Donald
Bayes (Saetz), Barbara
Bernard, Richard
Bettes, Clyde
Betts, Kevin
Black, James
Boileau (Wolf), Mary
Brooks, Gary
Brooks, Ray
Brown, Millie
Cade, Larry
Camarena (Polk), Roxanne
Canaday, David
Clanton (Leihy), Barbara
Clark (Hayes), Connie
Clark, Jan
Clark, Jim
Clark (Woods), Kim
Clark, Ross
Cole, Kathy
Corum, Greg
Cox, Brian
Crable (Lamer), Pam
DeHerrera, Danny
Dinkel (Kist), Mary
Dinneen (Rush), Debbie
D'Innocenzo (Hearod), Tina
Dutton, Doug
Easter (Zeller), Karen
Elliott, Marva
Ernzen, Greg
Feenstra, Ted
Ferguson, Mike
Ford, Steve
Frank (Rector), Debbie
Frick (Fuller), Shelly
Fronk, Patricia
Fry, Dennis
Furse (Perkinson), Loretta
Gagnon, Ed
Geisler, Cheryl
Gifford, Greg
Gilbert, Jonnie
Gilbert (Poole), Sharmaine
Goodwin, David
Grant (Pruitt), Kim
Griffith, Paul
Guzman, Gloria
Haggard, Nathan
Hamel, Brian
Hancock, Patty
Hayes, Kevin
Hederstedt, Sharon
Henke (Buchanan), Tammy
Hernandez, Elaina
Hewitt, Ken
Hocking (Thomas), Rita
Hoeffner, Carla
Hokr, Robyn
Humes, Lonnie
Jester, Kelly
Johannes, Mitch
Johnson (Barker), Darlene
Johnson, Eric
Johnson, Mark
Jones, Scott
Kief, Ruth
Kinderknecht, Earl
King, Alan
Kingsley, Ann
Kingsley, Carol
Lagerman, Patricia
Lamer (Brown), Shana
Larm, Damon
Larson, Brent
Leaming (Perret), Jeri
Ledden, Barry
Lewis, Mike
Linaweaver, Richard
Lingo, Julia
Lipker (Tharp), Debbie
Logan, Steve
Loveless, Susan
Lowe, Paul
Lowry (Boswell), Johnna
Martin, Lancer
Martinez, Janine
Mattison, Shaun
Mattison (Perez), Teresa
Maxey (Percival), Angela
McCandless (Sopher), Pam
McConnell (Green), Donna
McCreary, Glenn
McKinney, Kevin
Meier (Shoemaker), Karen
Moline, David
Moore, Marvin
Morrissey, Alaina
Muck, Arlen
Neises (Diehl), Janet
Newman, Brenda
Nicholson, Celia
Nickell, Karen
Nigh, Mary
Odell, Troy
O'Neil, Todd
Osborn, John
Outland, Terry
Outland, Velinda
Palmer, Brian
Parker, Monette
Parnell, Jim
Patrick, Mary
Pearson, James
Petty, Dave
Pham, Vinh
Phelps, Tom
Pilcher (Vance), Rhonda
Price, Elton
Radke, Debra
Rauh, Tom
Renfro, Craig
Rhodenbaugh (Lampton), Stephanie
Richardson, Doyle
Robertson, Cathy
Rodriguez (Colon), Isabel
Rose (Williams), Michelle
Rose (Lupe), Pam
Rosecrans, Ed
Rowson, Mark
Sanders (McClanahan), Debbie
Schoof, Alan
Schremmer (George), Pam
Shannon (Olson), Connie
Shepard, Jo
Shrole, Scott
Smalley, Jack
Snowball (Deans), Wendy
Soldan, Debra
Soldan, Loren (Babe)
Steckman, Becky
Stevenson, Dennis
Stitt, Brett
Sutherland, Toby
Sutterfield, Russell
Swanson, Randy
Talbott, Terry
Thayer, Debbie
Thibodeau, Brad
Thompson (Hill), Laura
Thrower, Bruce
Thummel (Rindt), Rebecca
Tillberg, Linda
Toney, Audie
Toney, Bill
Toothman, Tanya
Towner, Gene
Trimble, Mark
Van Luong, Hung
Vargas, Maritza
Vaupel, Ron
Wagner (Landes), Teresa
Waite, Jerry
Waller, Russell
Warner, Doug
Watkins (Montgomery), Gina
Wavelet, Jacqueline
Weidenhammer, Jo Lynn
Weis (Dean), Kristie
Wells (Grub), Kim
Whisler, Brad
White, David
Whitmer, David
Wilbur, Martin
Williams, Doug
Williams (Goudy), Laura
Williams, Lisa
Williams, Sheryl
Williams, Stuart
Williams (Russell), Terri
Wilson, James
Wilson, John
Winn (Jamerson), Debra
Winter, Tammy
Wolf, Donna
Wooster, Nick
Wostenberg, Patricia
Young (Crawford), Judy



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